My Top 5 Tall Dark & Handsome’s

Top five TDH’s?  Who am I kidding?!  Hindsight is 20-20 and it’s telling me I should’ve broken this category into hunks…I mean chunks of TDH’s. Like the Top 5 in sports, in movies, in music, in television...well, you get my drift so maybe one of these days I’ll include all of those tall, dark and handsome fellows. Won't that be fun?

But for today, let’s start with my personal faves.  No quibbling here, folks, I know your Top 5 won’t be the same as mine, but we can still have fun with this!


My number One

Tall, Dark & Handsome is my husband, Larry (1957–2017).  Six foot two, lovely thick, dark, hair, a sexy twinkle in his eye and two huge arms which held me tightly and kept me safe.  I’m only five foot two, so I had to get on my tippy toes to kiss him (one day, shortly after we started dating, he brought a milk carton for me to stand on…always the kidder!)  I shall miss everything about my soul mate that has nothing to do with his looks, but that’s for another blog…RIP my love. 


My number two

Is my Dad (1927–2001).  He was six-foot-tall, had smiling eyes, and a delightfully quirky British sense of humour. In his younger years, he looked a little like Elvis Presley, so, yes, this is probably when I started finding TDH’s so compelling and so good-looking.  And, yes, that's me he's holding.


Dad & me.jpg

My third TDH

Without equal, may I present the iconic Cary Grant (1904–1986).  The very first romantic short story I wrote, he was my inspiration for my hero. I loved him in every movie he was in, I especially loved the drawing room comedies with Irene Dunne. This fellow Brit was charming, elegant, funny, and was a classic leading man in major motion pictures for many decades.  The famous line that usually accompanies any bio on Cary is:  The ladies wanted to be with him, the men wanted to be him. Is it any wonder?


 My Number Four TDH is…

Brad from Sam the Record Man.  Okay, I know almost all of you have no idea who I’m talking about, I don’t even know his last name.  And, big surprise, no picture available...  But when I was a teenager, my friend, Diane, and I would hop on a bus, head to the Square One Shopping Centre in Mississauga and spend our allowance on 45’s (yes, I’m that old!), and our first stop was always the now defunct Sam the Record Man store. This tall, gorgeous, dark haired angel behind the counter was almost always there, and even though I didn’t need it, I’d always ask for his help finding the latest hits. Brad would start my heart thumping, and the cardio workout I got from thirty minutes in that store would put your personal trainer’s regime to shame. No idea what happened to him, he’s probably happily married with 5 kids (all his sons, of course, are no doubt TDH’s in their own right), and his 5 grandkids will grow up to be TDH’s for their generation.  First crush.  Yeah. Moving on…


Tyler smilin.jpg

My Fifth TDH

Last but certainly not least on my first (see what I did there?) TDH List is:  Henry Cavill.  What a hunk!  And those eyes! Another Brit, who’s recent movies include Superman, Justice League, Man from Uncle & Mission Impossible 6, he is the inspiration for my hero, Tyler Hammond, in Stranded in Love.  Tall, lovely locks, even lovelier muscles, and that chest…well, time for a cold shower!  I’m going to send him a copy of my book, you know, just to say hi.  My daydream tells me he’ll love it, and he’ll take it to his influential colleagues and demand it gets made into a movie, with Henry, of course, in the starring role.  I’ll keep you posted.

Okay, that’s my First Top 5 Tall, Dark and Handsome List.  Check back soon for another version of this theme – Top 5 TBH’s (tall, blonde & handsome).  Should be fun, right?  Because there's always time for romance and romantic heroes! 

Who would make your Top 5 TDH List?  Comment below, I'd love to know!