Which Bond is the Sexiest?

With Book #2 of my Calderone Family Romance Series due to be released later this year, and because I based my hero on one of the actors who played James Bond, I thought it would be a good time to talk about those fabulously sexy men who have portrayed this dashing, debonair British spy. Bond is notorious for pulling out that Walther PPK the instant before he needs it, making all the ladies swoon (and then some), and, of course, doing what it takes, usually heart-stopping action, to nab the villain.

So…which one is the sexiest?  Oh boy, did I open that proverbial can of worms!  How does one begin to decide which of all the lovelies was the sexiest James Bond? I’m beginning to feel shaken and stirred!

Let’s start with the first actor to hit the big screen as Bond.  If you can look up from Sean Connery’s chest, which would slow me down for quite some time I can tell you, then you’ve got that gorgeous face and roguish smile. Wow!

George Lazenby doesn’t always make the list when Bonds are discussed, probably because he only did one movie – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.  But what a movie!  Spoiler alert!!  James gets married in this movie to the gorgeous Diana Rigg!  And she dies at the end, but it’s still a fabulous movie. And George did his version of the sexy spy to a T!  He’s got a lovely chest, as well.

And have you ever checked out Roger Moore’s come-hither baby blues?  Magnificent!  Roger was so tall and suave and lovely, and played the role with a deliciously droll sense of humour, how can we not find him sexy? Yes, a blonde, but he played the role to perfection.

Okay, confession time. Timothy Dalton is my favourite Bond (so far). He acted in only two Bond movies, the first one, The Living Daylights, is the best, in my humble opinion. The second, License to Kill was just too violent for me.  But when he first appears in a tuxedo, oh gawd...game, set and match!  His voice, his eyes, his strong arms (all the better to cuddle into), his chest…I could go on…

Now we’re on to Pierce Brosnan, and who didn’t love Pierce as Remington Steele? Gotta be honest, he’s my second favourite, just because he’s so lovely to drool over. This lovely TDH is my inspiration for Noel Calderone, the hero in my second Calderone Family Romance Series novel, Write to Love.  And there’s another chest, but don’t get me started...is it getting hot in here?

And last, but not least is Daniel Craig. Out of all the actors who’ve played James Bond, Daniel is my least favourite. It’s not that he’s a bad actor, he’s great!  I think it could be because he doesn’t fit all the criteria for the ‘typical’ Bond – tall, dark and handsome.  He’s blonde and handsome, not sure how tall he is, but that's not enough to push the sexy quotient in his favour. Dazzling eyes, check, nice smile, check, but he doesn’t quite make it as Bond (give me a TDH every time).

And…if the rumour is true, Henry Cavill, you know, Superman (and my Tyler Hammond inspiration for Stranded in Love!) is in the running to be the next James Bond!!  Wouldn’t that be fabulous! I’ll be first in line on opening day to see this movie!  Unless...rumours also circulate that a lady will take the role!  Yep, Jane Bond, if you can believe that. Sacrilege, I say. Why tamper with perfection?  I guess we’ll just have to see what happens…


So…sexiest Bond? I still haven’t decided. They all have their chests…I mean merits, don’t they?  Each actor was fabulous in the Bond, James Bond role, bringing their own version of the super sexy spy to the screen. Variety is the spice of life, so pick one, pick them all, let’s just be happy that all the movies are available whenever we need our Bond fix.

Do you have a favourite Bond?  I’d love to know!