Is it Time for a Low Angst Romance?

Angst overload. Are you feeling it? All that tension, tension and more tension? Have you inadvertently overdosed on too many romance novels that nearly put your heart into arrhythmia? Because, let’s be honest, all the over-the-top drama in romance novels can be exhausting after a while.


Sounds like it’s time for a low angst romance. I mean, why not give one a try? They can be just as entertaining, amusing, and guaranteed to deliver a satisfying reading experience.


Write to Love, Book Two in the Calderone Family Romance Series, is a perfect example. Casey Dunlop is our plucky heroine who kills people for a living and likes it - she’s a murder mystery author. She also named her car after her favourite cartoon character…yes, she has a rather quirky sense of humour. When we meet her, Casey’s first challenge is convincing herself she can step out from behind the comfort of her desk and meet real people in the real world at her first book signing (no pressure there, right?).


Our hero, tall dark and handsome Noel Calderone, is the youngest son in one of Toronto’s wealthiest and powerful families. He’s also a playboy who loves the ladies, but he may have just found his match in Casey. He’s read her novel and is determined to ask her for a date, despite their comical and definitely awkward meeting in a local shop.


Theirs isn’t a roller coaster relationship. No thrilling adventure ride here. They don’t have to team up to search the world for Casey’s long-lost then recently found then kidnapped great-aunt. They won’t be tracking down a valuable sapphire necklace that once belonged to the Queen of France which Noel must find or his family will lose their fortune. And they’re not being hunted through the streets of Toronto by a threatening mob who want to do them harm because they related only too well to the murderer in Casey’s novel. Nope, not happening.


But don’t think they’ll get off scot-free.  Oh no. Their story isn’t all smooth sailing. Casey and Noel do encounter their share of hitches, glitches and hiccups, and they’re not always calm, cool or collected when challenged by them. And to add to their fun, it seems Noel’s mother is harbouring a secret about Casey’s family…which could put a serious dent in her son’s love life.


We read to escape, don’t we? To get away from the overwhelming problems of the real world – global warming, terrorism, political unrest, or just those boring chores in our own life – grocery shopping, doing laundry, getting the car’s oil changed - even though we know it’s just for a short while.  I know some readers who love to live vicariously through their characters and enjoy an ‘edge of your seat’ experience when they read a romance novel. And that’s absolutely fine because we all need a shot of adrenaline once in a while. Yet there are also those who want to curl up with a lovely, low tension, enjoyable romance that makes them laugh and feel good.


If you like your novels with high-spirited and gutsy main characters but prefer not to go into cardiac arrest while reading them, then I recommend a low-angst, feel good, happy ever after romcom – Write to Love. It’s Book Two in the Calderone Family Romance Series available soon in ebook and paperback. 


Now’s the perfect time to dive into the Calderone world. Book One in the series, Stranded in Love, is now on sale wherever books are sold.


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