Reading a Series in Order – Yes or No?

Since my recent release of Write to Love, Book Two in the Calderone Family Romance Series, I’ve had a few readers contact me to ask if they should read the first book before they read this one.


My immediate reaction was Wait…what? You even have to ask? Of course you should read a series in chronological order. Doesn’t everybody?

Then I took a few minutes and thought about it. I guess some readers don’t worry about order and method (we can’t all be Hercule Poirot), so, no, you don’t have to read the novels in order. It’s not the law, nor will it come back to haunt you for the rest of your life if you don’t.

But my question is…why wouldn’t you want to? 

Do people begin a book by reading the final chapter? I honestly hope not. That defeats the purpose and diminishes the pleasure. By starting at the beginning of any book series, a reader can fully immerse themselves in the world the author has created, and in a romance novel, be there to enjoy all the highs and lows of falling in love…which, in my humble opinion, enhances the joy and delight of reading. Isn’t that why we read? To escape our everyday life? To delve into another world? To live vicariously through the characters? To fall in love?


The Calderone Family Romance series is a heart-warming, fun and feisty family saga, set in present day Toronto, and presented in chronological order. Book One, Stranded in Love, introduces all the family members and, throughout the six-book series, you’ll get to know plenty about each character.


SPOILER ALERT: Yep. There will be spoilers. Though each novel is a stand-alone Happy Ever After, there will be spoilers in every book, which may drive you crazy if you’re reading the series out of order. You’ll also discover a few ‘Easter Eggs’ I’ve scattered throughout (you know, those fascinating quirks about individuals that we just love to know) that may be a hint of what’s to come...


So it just makes sense, at least to me, to read the series in sequential order. It will enrich the family saga and your enjoyment of it because you’ll be familiar with the characters’ personalities and can watch how each of them develop. And, by reading a series in order, it’s always fun and exciting to check in with characters that you enjoyed reading about in earlier books.


But no pressure. One two three four five six has always worked for me, but it’s entirely up to you.  Have fun and enjoy reading!


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