Character Inspiration 1 – Stranded in Love

What is Inspiration?  According to Collins English Dictionary, “it’s a feeling of enthusiasm you get from someone or something, that gives you new and creative ideas.”


So who or what provides inspiration for a romance author’s characters?


The half-naked guy cutting the grass, that droplet of sweat running down his temple? The pretty gal in the check-out line, checking out the clerk? The flirty barista trying to sell insurance on the side? The sassy singer on a late night talk show who’s nervous about showing too much cleavage?


Yep, all these are potential inspiration.


Inspiration can come in many forms (a snippet of dialogue that can be used as a catch phrase, a heavenly scent that sends the hero weak at the knees, the soft denim shirt on the hero, just a few chest hairs peeping over the top which, of course, takes the heroine’s breath away).  The list is, thankfully, endless.


As I write, I find all forms of inspiration beneficial and motivating, but it’s visual clues that do the most to form the ideal hero and heroine. I want to see my lead characters in flesh and blood because it helps me choose the things they like, what they want and need, and create their flaws and past mistakes. Humans aren’t perfect, so characters must have positive and negative qualities or they’re not going to be very interesting to write about, or to read about.


Luckily, finding my Laney and Tyler from Stranded in Love wasn’t difficult. Being a huge fan of his movies, I already knew that the debonair Henry Cavill would be the perfect choice for Tyler.


And when I saw Julie Gonzalo in an episode of ‘Castle’ (one of my favourite TV shows), I knew right away that she was Laney.


Inspiration pic for SIL.jpg

I hope you agree. And I’d love to hear your thoughts on character inspiration, take a minute and leave a comment below.


 Coming next - Inspiration 2 – how I found the perfect inspiration for characters in Write to Love

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