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Stranded in Love - Reviews

Book #1 in the Calderone Family Romance Series

"Romance readers will enjoy this funny, mostly light-hearted, fare, perfect for curling up with hot chocolate on a cold winter's night. This is a thoroughly modern love story ... It is a reminder to this mostly cynical generation that life–and love –is like a dance: perfectly enjoyable even if you're on your own, but somehow taking on a different level of meaning when shared with someone else.”


"It has to be one of the best contemporary fiction novels of the year..."


"Ms Grant has a wonderful flair for writing…overall, very well-written and paced. An excellent debut novel."
Jean Wilde, author of A Gentleman's Bidding


"Stranded in Love has snappy dialogue, imperfect but genuine characters, and a whirlwind romance that all make it an entertaining read."
Chloe S. Flanagan, author of Forward to What Lies Ahead

"I’ve gotta say, that if I had been trapped in a snowstorm like Laney Calderone, I would not have complained about the snow one bit! Tall, dark, and handsome and on top of that he can cook! I loved the banter back and forth between Laney and Tyler, and everything else about this lovely romance!"
Alex Bailey, author of The Future Memoirs of Anne Jones

Stranded in Love is entertaining and well-written ... Laney and Tyler come alive from the initial pages.
— Mary Cooney-Glazer, author of This Time Forever


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